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Dr Kobie Pio

"A diagnosis of cancer is a life changing event; a lot of it positive as well. Knowing that your treatment and support are optimal and appropriate are prerequisite to embarking on the journey."

After years of experience as a General Practitioner, Dr Pio found a particular interest in the field of oncology. She says that she wanted to be able to assist her patients further, past the stage of diagnosis, with their journey through their disease. This was one of the factors that inspired her to specialise in radiation oncology.

Dr Pio graduated with her MBChB from the University of Pretoria in 1985 and began to practice as a GP. In 2000 she obtained her MMedRadT. She joined DMO in 2003 after practicing at Pretoria Academic Hospital and spending six months with the breast cancer unit at Velindre Hospital, in Cardiff. Her special interests are breast cancer, head and neck cancers, and paediatric radiation oncology; she also practices stereotactic radiotherapy.

Dr Pio has varsity-age children, and her husband practices law.