Sandton Oncology

Sandton Oncology

Cancer is a life journey. At Sandton Oncology, we don’t only manage an illness, we manage our patients’ overall well-being. Our goal is to treat patients with state of the art equipment and technologies. Our team provides patient focused care and services, which cover numerous aspects of the patient’s experience from diagnosis to treatment, follow up care and psycho social support – to enhance their lives throughout the journey.

Our new cancer centre of excellence, situated at 200 Rivonia Medical Centre, offers leading medical oncology and radiotherapy treatments. We have opened the centre, with a state of the art Versa HD Linear Accelerator that is capable of delivering complex radiotherapy treatments to the head and body with shorter treatment times, sparing more healthy tissue and thus decreasing side effects.

Our 4D CT scanner for treatment planning will ensure high precision targeting of the tumour and decrease the risks of side effects of treatment. Image guided radiation therapy and gated radiation therapy is possible with the new technology available at the centre.

Our Medical Oncology team offers leading global, evidence based systemic therapies with modern drugs in a safe and comfortable environment. With the added feature of a cancer focused research department, this allows us to offer patients the opportunity to participate in cutting edge clinical trials, at no cost, including covering transportation needs.

Dr Keo Tabane adds: ‘’these clinical trials are available to both the insured and un-insured population, which allows us to make a meaningful impact across all communities’’.


Our Medical Oncology team consists of Dr K. Tabane; Dr S.W. Chan and Dr O. Ogude; who work closely with our team of Radiation Oncologists: Dr R. de Mûelenaere; Prof. B. Donde; Dr S. Naidoo; Dr N. Chiranjan and Dr Y. Mark.

We actively participate in two leading multi-disciplinary team (M.D.T.) committees, covering Head and Neck Cancer and Breast Cancer. In the M.D.T. meetings, emphasis is on collaborative decision-making and treatment planning, where the core team members of relevant specialties participate to share their knowledge and make collective evidence-based recommendations for holistic patient care. This assures high quality treatment decisions by a panel of experts for the patient.


Our Oncologists are rostered on call
24 / 7 – throughout the year.


When we look at patient care, amongst other things, time and availability is important to a patient that has been recently diagnosed with cancer. We try our utmost to see all New Patient’s within five working days of their referral and start treatment as soon as is reasonably possible thereafter. Being available to the patient is of importance to us.

Additional services offered include The Bone and Breast Cancer Centre, diagnostic radiology department with CT scanners and MRI unit planned, day wards, specialist surgeons, medical aesthetics and skin renewal. Important diagnostic and therapeutic services are housed under one roof for the patients’ convenience.

Other patient amenities at the centre include a Dischem pharmacy, coffee shop and a restaurant. The entrance has been designed to ensure ease of access with ample below and above ground parking and the centre is fully wheelchair accessible.



Sandton Oncology
sandton oncology